How can we help you Heal?


At Saving Victims,  we believe science and spirituality can co-exist resulting in practical solutions. Because of this, we base our life-makeovers on the premise that the only way to move forward, leaving behind a victim's mentality; mediocrity; and emotional pain, is to unravel the basis of the problem. Go to the root - or the heart. We call this spiritual healing or spiritual wellness.

We use two non-invasive, highly effective spiritual techniques.

  • Advanced Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and,
  • The Non-resistant Path to Healing also known as Letting Go, Surrender, and Releasing.

Letting go sounds easy but it's truly an art. The acronym we use (the Avatar) is E.F.T.A.R. The combination of the two techniques.

New Thoughts Create New Actions

I used to have the belief of: Thoughts led to Feelings and Feelings led to our Actions giving us a result. I have now come to believe it starts with one Event--an Experience. That Experience creates Feelings or emotions and the accumulated Feelings/emotions create hundreds of debilitating thoughts (if negative). These thoughts lead to action or lack of action.

                           E --> F --> T = A

It is the accumulated or pressurized feelings that give us the abundance of thoughts, reducing our energy, leaving us in lowered states of consciousness:

  • shame
  • guilt
  • apathy
  • grief
  • fear; and even
  • desire

Have you ever known someone who desired something so badly; it destroyed their life or the life of another? We see this in extramarital affairs as well as a desire for position and fame.

When the pressure of these emotions are released, voilá, healing begins.

Spiritual Wellness Begins with Love

Don't delay your Journey of Love any longer. Live a love-filled, exuberant, passionate, life with no excuses.